Prayer Request

My heart is for hurting and broken hearted people. To be more specific, hurting and broken hearted children. I work as a social worker and life coach. My caseload is all children, mostly children involved with DCS.

Most days I love my job. Most days I go home encouraged and uplifted by the smiles I get to see on these children’s faces throughout the day. Most dayS I’m rewarded by the work I do. Most days I’m encouraged by giving God’s children love, support, and encouragement. Most days.

Today was not one of these days. I had a teenager who was talking about suicide. I’m sitting on my couch sick to my stomach. My heart is broken. I can only imagine how broken hearted and sick he is feeling.

There is not much that can break my heart quicker than a child who doesn’t want to be alive.

I want to ask anyone reading this tonight to lift this boy up in your prayers, we can call him C. ❤️🙏🏻 Please pray for me as well as I continue to work with this child. I need God’s guidance and peace through this.

9 thoughts on “Prayer Request”

  1. We lift up this young man “C” before you dear Lord and cast out the deceiver that seeks only to destroy. Lord please reveal your love and plans to prosper him. In Jesus name we pray. Amen Amen Amen.


  2. In the name of Jesus, I speak hope to this young man, who feels hopeless. I come against suicide, the spirit of death and depression and silence them. Abundant life through Christ Jesus is his portion. Open the eyes of his heart and let him see the hope and goodness you have for him in the land of the living. In the powerful name of Jesus!

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